August festivals are underway and you can WIN the ultimate Rockshore festival kit here 4 years ago

August festivals are underway and you can WIN the ultimate Rockshore festival kit here

Brought to you by Rockshore

Festival season isn't over yet.


August is the month for some of the best festivals in the country and we have some pretty great music weekends still to come.

You may have your tickets but what about everything else? Have you got your tent sorted? What about your sleeping bag? Camera? All the rest of those little bits?

What if we told you that we have a cheeky little (actually, it's pretty big) festival kit to give away to one person out there and three of their mates? Well, we do.

We have teamed up with Rockshore to put together a pretty fantastic - if we do say so ourselves - summer festival kit.


What's in this wonderful kit, you ask?


A tent (that's right - you don't even have to buy your own tent)
A high-quality portable speaker
A polaroid camera (with extra rolls of film)
4 camping chairs
4 blow-up mattresses (couldn't have you sleeping on the floor now, could we?)
4 sleeping bags
4 trollies to carry around all of this precious cargo
4 power banks - so necessary
4 Rockshore hoodies to keep you warm (it is Ireland, after all)
4 Rockshore hats 
4 poncho towels

Yep, just like we told you - it's pretty amazing.


So if any of you are camping at any festivals this August and you think you want to get your hands on this insanely handy prize (because why wouldn't you?), just comment on the Facebook post below and that's it! You will be entered into a draw to win this ultimate festival kit.

Just think how much your friends will love you when you tell them you have everything sorted for the festival and all they need to do is sit back and relax.

Brought to you by Rockshore