Calling all UCD students - get your hands on a FREE iPhone X! 1 year ago

Calling all UCD students - get your hands on a FREE iPhone X!

Brought to you by Vodafone X.

Winter is here.

What better way to celebrate than with an early Christmas present for the most important person in your life - you.

It's about time you did away with that old phone that's cracked across the screen and dies at half battery.

Lucky for you AND your pocket, Vodafone are holding a competition on the UCD campus where you can win yourself a brand new iPhone X absolutely FREE. Not bad, you say? Well, to win the phone, get yourself down to the UCD campus on Wednesday, 7 November from 1-2pm.

Keep your eyes peeled for a big X on the campus and, when you spot it, make a beeline for it and grab yourself a selfie. Then post your selfie with the X on Twitter with the hashtag #VodafoneX and tag @VodafoneIreland in the Tweet.

You pic will appear on a giant screen that Vodafone have put up on the UCD campus. The winner will then be chosen randomly from all of those stunning selfies and will be presented with the beautiful iPhone X.

You are then free to take all the selfies you want with the phone's top quality camera. And just in time for those (hopefully) snowy shots.

So go forth and get snapping.

Brought to you by Vodafone X.

Vodafone X allows student to enjoy 20GB of 4G data including Spotify Premium, unlimited weekends, or Sky Sports Mobile TV - all for just €20 top up every 28 days.