Crave a new experience? WIN the chance to try an adventure of your choice 1 year ago

Crave a new experience? WIN the chance to try an adventure of your choice

Brought to you by Fulfil. 

It's all up to you.

Anyone out there have a list of things that they want to try in life? Yeah, most of us do.

Some lists are longer than others, some are more varied than others, and, granted, some contain things that we probably won't get around to trying in this lifetime at least (we'll see you next time, 5-star hotel on Mars).

Sometimes it seems as though our lists are endless and only getting longer and longer without us ticking anything off. Life can get in the way and then you realise that you've gone a whole year without trying something new.

It's time to change that.

Fulfil is encouraging people to #TryMoreNew and get out there and have a go at something they've always wanted to do.

You don't even need to go jetting off to exotic locations - there are so many adventures and activities that are doable around Ireland that you could have a go at. That way, you can try something new without putting your entire life on hold - it'll only take a weekend, a day, or even half a day.

Ever wanted to have a go at surfing those famous Irish swells? Or paddle down the Shannon in a kayak? Or maybe you'd like to go rock climbing in Killiney Hill?

We think it's time to start ticking a few of those off. To help get you started we have teamed up with Fulfil and are going to send one lucky person off to experience an adventure of their choice.


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If you want a chance to try out a new adventure, just fill in the form below. If you get chosen, we'll have a chat with you about what you'd like to try and we'll sort it out for you. (Feel free to bring a friend if you want!)

If you win you will also receive oodles of lovely goodies from Fulfil (woohoo!). We suggest you bring these on your adventure - the bars are jam packed with protein so are the perfect snack for a day of activities (not to mention extremely delicious!).

Even if you don't win, why not #TryMoreNew anyway? Plan a weekend somewhere in Ireland, climb a mountain, hike a hill, go bodyboarding. Or why not have a look and see what your local community has to offer?

You never know - your new favourite hobby could be right there waiting for you.

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Brought to you by Fulfil.