It's staycation time! WIN a two-night stay and dinner in a Select Hotel of your choice 3 months ago

It's staycation time! WIN a two-night stay and dinner in a Select Hotel of your choice

Brought to you by Select Hotels Ireland

We are desperate for a holiday.

Sure, we may not be able to leave the country but, honestly, Ireland is one of the best places in the world to go on holidays. Sometimes we forget that because we live here but there is so much to do around the country and so many beautiful spots to visit.

So what better time to take advantage of Ireland's loveliest destinations and hotels than now, when Irish holidays are the only holidays on the cards.

Is there something you've always wanted to try or somewhere you've always wanted to visit? Maybe you want to take a trip somewhere to immerse yourself in Irish history, or maybe you want to go somewhere where you can learn some water sports. Maybe you want to spend the days cycling around the Irish countryside or along the coast, or maybe you just want to spend a quiet, relaxing day in a hotel room with room service and a TV. The world is your oyster - or, at least, the country is.

Select Hotels of Ireland comprises of 29 of Ireland's best independently-owned hotels. Their hotels are renowned for their their hospitality, dedication to service, great food, and high standards of accommodation. Whatever kind of Irish holiday you're looking for, you can bet that they'll have the perfect hotel to suit. To find out more about their hotels and the services that they offer, check out the Select Hotels Ireland website.

If there are any birthdays coming up that you're desperately trying to think of presents for, a Select Hotels Ireland gift voucher is an ideal option - it's a fantastic, personal gift but it still gives the person a choice of where they want to go themselves and requires not a whole lot of effort on your part. Those are the best kinds of gifts, in our opinion.

Now for the best part - we've teamed up with Select Hotels to send a lucky person out there off on a two-night stay to a Select Hotel of your choice. The prize includes a two-night stay for two people (so you can bring along your favourite person) as well as dinner for two and breakfast both mornings. Divine. Like we said, you can choose from any of the 29 hotels on the Select Hotels Ireland website.

To win this amazing prize, just fill in the form below. Happy holidaying!

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Brought to you by Select Hotels Ireland