WIN a retro Smeg fridge for your kitchen! Just tell us your go-to food hack 3 years ago

WIN a retro Smeg fridge for your kitchen! Just tell us your go-to food hack

Brought to you by Cully and Sully.

Whatever makes a busy life less hectic - we'd really like to get our mitts on it.


This of course includes the greatest of food hacks out there. After all, we want to eat well and nourish our bodies, so prepping a decent meal is a step we really shouldn't skip.

That's why Cully and Sully have kicked off their 2019 food hacks campaign giving away a Smeg prize each week!

Cully and Sully soup is one healthy food hack we're very fond of here at Her - you can bring it and eat it just about anywhere. Cully and Sully are on the hunt for the greatest food hacks out there and plan to create a giant list of the next ones to share with everyone.

Anything that helps us skip queues, save on washing up, anything that's convenient (like Cully and Sully) is just what we're looking for.



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So, we're asking our readers to share a photo or video of their favourite food hack. That means sharing it on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #CSFoodHacks and tagging @cullyandsully when posting.

The person who gives the best food hack will win a retro, iconic 1940's, forever-en-vogue Smeg fridge! It's perfect pop of colour to any kitchen if you ask us. Plus, a Smeg fridge is't just powerful, but it's super efficient too, using metals that are more easily recycled.

To give you an idea of what we're looking for, maybe it's like this handy way of hulling yummy strawberries...


Perhaps you've a genius idea for chopping or peeling fruit, like this...

Maybe you're the master of slicing cheese, peeling ginger or poaching an egg. No matter what it is, let us know on Insta, Facebook and Twitter now and nab that gorgeous fridge. Good luck, everyone!

Brought to you by Cully and Sully.

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