Here's how to win Rockshore's ultimate all-inclusive festival kit 3 years ago

Here's how to win Rockshore's ultimate all-inclusive festival kit

Brought to you by Rockshore

All you'll need to pack are your clothes and a toothbrush.


Festivals are great but, let's face it, some parts of them are grim. We're specifically talking about having to sleep on the ground in the tatty, old sleeping bag that you've owned since you were 12. Shudder.

You want to have the best experience possible, but you don't want to be lugging two suitcases of stuff all the way from home just to get that little bit of extra comfort.

Well, perhaps you won't have to. Rockshore has put together a few INSANE festival packs that have everything you could possibly need packed into them – and they want to give the packs away to some lucky festival-goers.

Don't worry if you're going with a group of mates either, the packs have plenty for everyone. Here's a full list of what you can expect in each festival pack:

  • A tent
  • Four camping chairs
  • Four blow-up mattresses
  • Four sleeping bags
  • Four power banks
  • Four cosy Rockshore hoodies (so comfy!)
  • Four Rockshore beanies to keep your noggin warm
  • Four Rockshore ponchos for that inevitable Irish rain shower
  • Four trollies to wheel your bags around on
  • A high-quality speaker (so good!)
  • A Polaroid camera with extra film rolls

You'll also get four rucksacks to cram everything into, so leave those tatty sleeping bags at home and let Rockshore take care of you.

As you can see, the packs have all of the essentials plus a few extra fabulous treats.

The Polaroid camera has a high-quality lens and is super compact so it's the perfect things to carry around the festival for those top tier shots. It'll give you vibrant and stunning photos, even in low light. You'll feel like a real photographer with this in your pocket.


You won't have to worry about quality with the speaker either. It may be compact but that doesn't mean that it compromises on sound. (It even has a built-in microphone if you want to make any calls – sure they thought of everything!)

If you're heading off to a festival and would like to be in with a chance of winning this wonderful prize, comment on our Facebook post below. Just think how much easier your life would be!

Brought to you by Rockshore