#100DaysToHealth: Food Swaps to Blitz Belly Fat 6 years ago

#100DaysToHealth: Food Swaps to Blitz Belly Fat

Stuck in a rut as far as your daily diet is concerned? A few smart food swaps could help you feel better instantly, boosting your energy and helping curb sugar cravings. You may even lose a few pounds from your waist in the process- without even really trying!

Bookmark this list and keep it close when you do your grocery shop. Then, when hunger strikes, simply reach for a healthy alternative.


Old You: Breakfast Cereal - New You: Porridge

Old You: Capuccino/Latte - New You: Americano

Old You: Biscuits - New You: Oatcakes

Old You: Vegetable oil or sunflower oil - New You: Coconut oil and olive oil

Old You: Fruit flavoured yogurts - New You: Natural yogurt with fresh fruit

Old You: Full Irish - New You: Two poached eggs, one slice of bacon, herbal tea

Old You: Dairy Milk - New You: Two squares of 80% dark chocolate

Old You: Cream cheese  - New You: Cottage cheese

Old You: Mashed potato - New You: Mashed cauliflower

Old You: Chips - New You: Homemade sweet potato wedges

Old You: Thick cut meat pizza - New You: Thin crust vegetable pizza

Old You: Creamy soups - New You: Broths and cream-free soups

Old You: Fizzy drinks - New You: Still water with slices of citrus fruit

Old You: Crisps - New You: Carrot sticks and hummus

Old You: Fried meat  - New You: Baked fish

Old You: Sliced bread - New You: Wholegrain wrap or pita pocket

We're so glad you've joined us in our mission to get you (and your kids) one per cent healthier every day on our 100 Days To Health programme. We've teamed up with the Health and Wellness Coaches over at MindHerBody to help you reach your full potential this summer through health, exercise and wellbeing. Check in daily for menu inspiration, swaps and exercises. 

Main image: Nourisheveryday.com