Need a boost? Here's 3 tips to help maintain your energy throughout the day 1 month ago

Need a boost? Here's 3 tips to help maintain your energy throughout the day

It's tough to stay energised these days.

Days are long... and although we try our best, sometimes it's hard to keep the energy levels up as we navigate through our busy lives and the uncertainty of the times we live in. Although we'd all love to keep our energy up, it makes more sense to admit that sometimes it's just hard to do and a day of rest on the couch can be just as helpful for our overall mindset.

With that being said, there are a few things that have really helped me on a day to day basis, they're simple easy to do things that (crucially) don't take up too much time but really help when I'm feeling jaded.

Remember that it's ok to not feel ok, and if a duvet day is needed then that's perfectly acceptable! Here's some tips that help us with our energy levels:

  • Start the day with a workout - This is a tough one to achieve, although it sounds simple. During the opening weeks of lockdown it was ALL about the at-home workouts, but that quickly grew old. What I have found is that if you find a workout routine that works well with your own needs and what you want to achieve then you look forward to it. Fitness Youtuber Sarah's Day has easy and achievable workouts that target your whole body or more specific ab ones too (WORD OF WARNING THEY ARE A KILLER).



  • Get your breakfast game on point - Especially if you're working out in the morning, breakfast truly is the meal that will set you up for the day in terms of your energy levels. We swear by egg whites and avocado (pre-workout) then a green juice of your choice (post workout). It's important to feel full and splitting up your breakfast into a post and pre workout works a treat.


  • Healthy snacks are your best friend - The goal of staying energised throughout the day is so you can get the most out of it, and although sugary treats or caffeine may seem like a quick fix they're somewhat artificial, and the crash isn't worth it. On a Sunday prepare some snacks that will see you through the week such as carrot sticks/pitta and hummus. Fresh or frozen berries and nuts are also really good, easy to pick up in any grocery store and you'll feel much better after eating them than a big fat donut (but also, have the donut if you want it).



Be prepared to have ALL the energy.