8 simple tips to help you buy the right sports bra 5 years ago

8 simple tips to help you buy the right sports bra

It's all about getting what's right for you.

Whatever type of exercise you’re trying out, remember that buying the right sports bra is absolutely vital.


From how it fits to how to wash it, here are the top tips you need to keep in mind when heading to the shops.


Size matters

A good sports bra should be the same size as your normal bra. There is no need to change your cup size – unless of course, you’ve been wearing the wrong size in your everyday bra.



Depending on the sport you are using it for, the correct sports bra should help to contain the amount of movement around the bust area and provide support. It will need to be closer-fitting then your regular bra, so don’t be put off if it’s a bit tighter.


However, you also need to make sure it’s not too tight so the bra should not cover under your arm and should not hinder any movements you make – try it out in store. A U-shape back will give you better support, while larger straps are advised to stop it irritating your shoulders.


Once you've got all of that you've found it.


Clasp it up

While pullover sports bras can be effective, ones that have different levels of clasps at the back are much more supporting. If you’re using the tightest hook, it might be time to go for a smaller size.


It’s about impact

Choosing your sports bra is all about impact. What type of sport are you hoping to do? There are low impact sports bras which are ideal for Pilates and yoga, while high impact sports bras will be perfect for running, football and basketball.


Take it off

If you have trouble taking the bra off in the dressing room, then imagine how hard it will be after heading out on a run? If it doesn’t come off easily, change the size.



Sports bras are washed more often than regular bras so be prepared, you will have to replace it more often. Be sure to pay good money for proper quality material that will stand the test of time – and avoid cotton!


Make it last

If you want to get more wears out of your sports bra you should wash it in cold water with mild detergent, avoiding fabric softener and bleach. Dry it out flat, or if you need to tumble dry it, use a cold tumble only.

And remember...

If you are currently involved in some form of exercise or you are looking to get started, the right sports bra will prove to be crucial. Remember, you are trying to avoid sagging, so investing in a good sports bra is key. It will keep your breasts more supported and therefore, they’ll look better for longer.