A very large amount of people in Ireland consider themselves as a 'light sleeper' 1 year ago

A very large amount of people in Ireland consider themselves as a 'light sleeper'

Have trouble sleeping?

From time to time, a lot of us will suffer from a bad night of sleep. You could be tossing and turning, you could have a million things running through your mind, or most annoyingly, you could just be wide awake even though you're absolutely exhausted.


Or, you could just be a light sleeper.

A staggering amount of people in Ireland have admitted to being a light sleeper (63 percent), however of those, 57 percent said that they still drink coffee at the end of the day.

A lot of people might admit that coffee 'does nothing to them', but if these results are anything to go by, it could definitely be disturbing you from having a full nights' sleep.

To further that, 3 out of 4 said that they sleep with their phones beside their beds. How many times do you wake up to check your phone? Is it the first thing you reach for when you open your eyes?

There have been numerous studies over the past few years which show how much having a phone in the bedroom can affect us, so is it time to ditch them in the bedroom?

DID Electrical conducted the study which coincided with research from the University of Colorado that found that inadequate sleep (less than 7 hours a night) is strongly linked to poor vascular health.

We all want a good night of sleep and we all want to feel well-rested, so is it time to take the right steps in order to do so?


The study comes as DID released its Health & Wellbeing collection this week, which you can check out here.