Ask The Sexpert ALL your intimate questions about sex right here 8 months ago

Ask The Sexpert ALL your intimate questions about sex right here

Brought to you by ellaOne.

Ask the Sexpert all of your intimate questions right here.


All totally normal, but not always something that you’d want to discuss at brunch or around the office watercooler.


For whatever reason, not everyone is always confident when it comes to asking intimate questions – even where our health is concerned. But we want to say, ‘to hell with that!’ No matter how odd or ridiculous your concerns may seem to you, you are ABSOLUTELY not alone.

So worry no more, the Her Sexpert is here to help - think Embarassing Bodies but without the public mortification of the nation looking at your bits (why God, why?).

The time has come for all of our secretive, innermost and guarded questions to finally get answered.


We want you to ask us anything, and yes, we really do mean ANYTHING relating to sex or contraception. No question is too embarrassing. And don’t worry, all of your questions are completely and utterly anonymous.

We’ll get back to our readers with the informative answers you need to know in our Ask the Sexpert video - coming soon.

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