Been sleeping with the fan on? That could actually be bad for your health 1 year ago

Been sleeping with the fan on? That could actually be bad for your health

This is not a drill.

We are too warm. It's too humid. There is no water anywhere and we are melting to death.


One place that we are particularly melting to death this summer would absolutely be the bedroom.

Sleeping has also become a basically impossible task. Covers on, covers off, covers thrown half way out the window - it doesn't matter, we're still going to be sweaty messes come the morning and nothing will ever change that.

Fans might though. Glorious, glorious fans.


Except, fans might not all be that great when it comes to the ol' health situation because it turns out that they could actually be making you sick. Sake.

According to Mark Reddick over on Sleep Advisor, having a fan running all night could trigger a load of allergies and sinus related issues including hay fever and asthma.

Grim enough.

Reddick says that as the fan moves air around the bedroom, it causes a load of dust and pollen to fly into your sinuses.


Similarly, constantly having air blown at your skin could cause it to become extremely dry overnight - especially if you're already prone to dry skin or other more serious skin conditions.

However, if you simply couldn't live without your fan-friend, using a rotating fan - or one of those fancy Dyson ones - will reduce the amount of air being blown directly onto your body.

Basically, just stick a fan on if you need it and see if you're alright when you wake up in the morning.


You might be grand, like.

Or you might catch a cold, but hey, it's necessary.