Beetroot... the less sexy superfood we should all be eating 3 years ago

Beetroot... the less sexy superfood we should all be eating

Purple, very Instagramable and our new FAVOURITE superfood.

It's an acquired taste... but love it or hate it, there's NO denying the health benefits connected with beetroot.


Not only is it rich in fiber, it's also a good source of iron and has naturally occurring folic acid. It also contains nitrates, betaine, magnesium, along with a host of anti-oxidants.

Basically, it's full of the good stuff!

Over time ingesting beetroot can also help lower blood pressure as well as boost exercise performance.



The green leaves of beetroot are frequently overlooked, they're rich in calcium, and vitamins A and C, you can cook them up like you would spinach for a tasty addition to your morning eggs.

Throughout history, beetroot has long been used for medicinal purposes particularly in connection with the liver as beetroot speeds up the liver's detoxification process.

Like many vegetables, the Romans were the first to lay claim to this superfood, they also believed it to be an aphrodisiac.



*Runs out and buys all the beetroot*.

Check out some of our favourite Instagram beetroot concoctions below, Mmmmmmm beetroot hummus!



Blueberry and Beetroot Pancakes for a decadent Sunday breakfast in bed ??? #healthyfood #vegan #sexy

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If you're still a little unsure of the taste, you can get beetroot capsules, take 2 per day with food to get all the superfoody goodness.

We're currently obsessed with Natures Aid Organic Superfoods capsules, which you can get at pharmacies nationwide from €9.95.