How your body reacts to not having sex is very sh*te altogether 2 years ago

How your body reacts to not having sex is very sh*te altogether

This is rather interesting (and simultaneously sad).

Whether you're going through a dry spell, just broke up with your SO, or just haven't been feeling it lately, we've all gone through periods of no sex.


But what we didn't know about having less sex is that it can change your body in certain ways.

Unfortunately, women experience more changes than men (fab) and they're not that great at all.

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So, if you're feeling a bit weird, it could be due to having no action in between the sheets, says sex therapist Sari Cooper.

She told Reader's Digest the ins and outs of not having sex, and here are the main changes:

You might feel more down than usual

"When people have sex they’re usually having skin-to-skin contact, and this kind of contact is the first primal way we as humans get comforted [as babies with our mothers]," she said.


Having skin on skin touching can regulate a person's mood, so if you're not having any of it, it could play with your mind a little.

Your vaginal wall may weaken

Sari explains that not having sex often could cause the walls of the vagina to become thin, which can lead to pain when engaging in sex again. Great.

Less lube

Lubrication in your vagina, that is. Less sex can sometimes mean less oestrogen levels, which means your nether regions may have a bit of trouble lubing itself up when the time comes for it.


More stress and more period pains

Having sex is great for relieving stress and calming down your period cramps. Suddenly going without a bit of action could mean that those stress and pain levels are racked up a notch.

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It's all wonderful, isn't it?