3 common myths and facts about contraception 5 months ago

3 common myths and facts about contraception

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Have you been fooled by these common contraception myths?


Throughout the years, we've all been subjected to some pretty ridiculous myths about contraception.

Remember when we thought the pill was the only contraception option out there? Or when we believed you could only take the morning after pill three times in your life?

Yeah, we've come a long way...

And while the misconceptions have lessened over the years, we still have a thing or two to learn when it comes to contraception.

That's why we've broken down some pretty common myths and need-know facts about contraception. From the pill to the coil and everything in between, here's some common contraception myths you need to be aware of...

Myth 1: The pill is fully effective from the first day of taking it.


If you're on the pill, its effectiveness depends on when you start taking it.

No extra precautions need to be taken if you start the pill on days 1-5 of your menstrual cycle, provided you don't have a short or irregular menstrual cycle. If you do have one of these, there's only immediate protection if you start taking the pill on day 1 of your cycle.

Myth 2: The morning after pill is the only form of emergency contraception.

While the morning after pill is the most common choice for emergency contraception, it's not your only option. The copper coil can also be used as an emergency contraception, if fitted within 5 days of you having unprotected sex or within 5 days of the earliest time you could have released an egg.

Myth 3: Only women who have given birth can get the hormonal coil as a contraceptive.


This is not true and in reality, an IUS (the hormonal coil) is actually recommended for younger, childless women too as it's a long lasting, reversible contraception and you don't need to remember to take or use it regularly.

Now, on to the facts...

Fact 1: You can renew your pill prescription online.


You no longer need to attend face-to-face appointments to get your pill prescription, thanks to the Lloyds Online Doctor service.

So how does it work? All you have to do is go through a simple online consultation and doctor review. Then, if appropriate, you can either collect and pay for your medication at your nearest LloydsPharmacy, or get your prescription posted straight to your doorstep and bring it into any pharmacy yourself.

If you're someone who struggles to fit appointments into your busy schedule, Lloyds Online Doctor is all about convenient, discreet, low-cost healthcare. The service cuts out the need for face-to-face appointments, and it's a fraction of the cost of a GP visit. They're currently running an offer on their consultations too - down to €12.50 from €25.

Fact 2: Your contraception might be less effective if you're ill.


Depending on the type of contraception, having an upset stomach can reduce its effectiveness. If you're on the pill, it may be less effective if you have diarrhoea or if you vomit within 2 hours of taking it, and another form of contraception should be used until you're feeling better. Other forms of contraception such as an IUS or the patch are not affected by an upset stomach.

Fact 3: There are plenty of non-hormonal contraception options out there to choose from.

If for any reason you'd prefer not be on a hormonal contraception, there are some alternatives out there. Condoms, the copper coil and the diaphragm are some of the non-hormonal contraceptives that you can try out instead.

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Brought to you by Lloyds Online Doctor