Couples who have more sex are less stressed, according to study 3 years ago

Couples who have more sex are less stressed, according to study

Feeling anxious?

Find yourself a partner and have yourself a  ride, sorted.


Just kidding - entering a relationship is a difficult feat for most of us.

It involves meeting somebody, going out with them a few times, and actually enjoying their company enough to want to be tied to them in an official romantic sense.

Lots to consider.

Once you eventually get to that point though, it'd be worth reserving a bit of time for some sex.


Not because you are insanely attracted to them, have a high sex drive, or are simply bored - but because it will make you less stressed.

The only reason anybody should engage in such an activity, tbh.

According to a study conducted by Superdrug Online Doctor, couples who have more sex are less stressed in their general lives which means that by contrast, those who have less sex are more stressed in their general lives.

Wondering why? Here's the science behind it.


Orgasms trigger the release of oxytocin, a massive stress reliever, and this can actually improve our moods well after the sex itself is over.

Researchers asked participants about their current stress levels and then compared the data to how many times they had sex per month.

Couples who had sex six times per month reported being 'extremely stressed', with those having sex seven times per month being 'very stressed', and so on.


"Individuals who said they were 'not at all stressed' reported having sex an average of nine times per month, which is 50 percent more sex than those who said they were 'extremely stressed,'" reads the study.

So there you go, if you're finding life tough at the minute why not find yourself a partner and bed them nine times a month.

You'll feel better in no time.