Georgie Crawford launches spin-off podcast focusing on all things health 2 years ago

Georgie Crawford launches spin-off podcast focusing on all things health

'The Good Glow Health' will be launching on August 17th.

For all you 'Good Glow' fans out there (and there's a LOT) there's some fantastic news today, particularly if you're looking to brush up on your health knowledge! Georgie Crawford, the woman behind The Good Glow, has announced she's launching a spin-off podcast focused solely on health. Speaking about the new show today, Georgie explained her reasons to expand the conversation:


“Self-care became a huge part of my life in 2017. By sharing my journey with breast cancer, I hoped to drive awareness of the importance of our health and show people that there is a way to overcome. One of the key pillars of self-care is health literacy and this is something I focused on during my recovery. The Good Glow Health will help the listener better understand key health topics such as gut health, sleep, fertility, and lots more. I wanted to help bust myths, remove the jargon and open the conversation."

The Good Glow Health will go in-depth on key topics with a variety of health experts and professionals. So, what makes this different and what's the aim of the game? Georgie wants to make health topics less scary and more accessible and is adamant that women want to have larger conversations around health.


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Sundays feel back to normal for me with with the return of The Good Glow this morning! Im so excited to keep you company on your walks, while you make the dinner, during the night feed or whatever you may be doing. I think we all need a little company these days ??❤️❤️ I'm starting season 6 with the amazing @thewhitmore. She has so many important things to say in this episode and i admire her for always speaking from her heart. Speaking about using her voice she told me 'if I have a platform and I can say something that going to make things better for me and everybody else, by god I'm going to do it.' What a great role model. I hope you love this episode. I'm so proud to say that The Good Glow podcast is brought to you in partnership with @sallyhansenuk . It’s live on Apple, Spotify, Castbox or wherever you get your podcasts #thegoodglowpodcast #sp #wellness #podcast #laurawhitmore #selfcare #sallymade #sunday

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We're definitely looking forward to listening!

The Good Glow Health is presented by Georgie Crawford, sponsored by Emma mattresses and will be available on all podcast platforms on on August 17th.