Good news narcissists, you could be less prone to depression and stress 10 months ago

Good news narcissists, you could be less prone to depression and stress

Well for some.

Narcissists may be less prone to depression and stress, a new study has shown.

While narcissism is often linked to negative personality traits such as heightened self importance and a lack of empathy, researchers now believe that there's also some related positives too.

A new study published in the journal European Psychiatry showed that narcissists - while likely to crave attention and lack humility - tend to be more "mentally tough" than other people.

Similarly, another study using the same data showed that people who are classed as grandiose narcissists tend to exhibit far less stress levels and are more chilled out in general.

The study's co-author, Dr. Kostas A. Papageorgiou, told Newsweek that the research is "fuelled by the desire to explain the following contradiction: If dark personality traits are indeed so socially toxic, why do they persist and are even on the rise, in modern societies?"

"We do not claim that narcissism is a good characteristic—instead we propose that human personality should be perceived in a sphere that is beyond good and bad traits, prosocial and toxic traits, in an attempt to identify traits' adaptive and maladaptive levels across various contexts."

The research - comprised of three separate studies - included over 700 people in their 20s.

It found that narcissists tend to underthink that they deserve to face obstacles when achieving what they want. This makes them less prone to negative thoughts.

"Overcoming these challenges may help them build their mental toughness," said Dr Papageorgiou.

"Mental toughness offers the psychological resources that are crucial for boosting resilience against psychopathology."

The study's results, however, are limited due to the young ages of the participants, many of whom are more likely to exhibit self-centred behaviour in their 20s.

It's a thing, yes.