Heading Out Tonight? Here's How To Battle That Morning After... 5 years ago

Heading Out Tonight? Here's How To Battle That Morning After...

Between the weekend, some St.Patrick's Day celebrations and the few house parties we expect to attend over the next few weeks, it's safe to say we might be expecting a few rough mornings ahead.

Whether it’s catching up with friends or family, we’re not against a tipple or two to relax and unwind.

While it’s always better to drink in moderation, and swap every second drink for a pint of water, we’re aware sometimes sensibilities can be left to one side.

We’ve pulled together the top tips for surviving the morning after the night before:

  • Try drink a pint of water at regular spaces throughout the evening. Also a pint of water before bed has been known to save a headache or two along the way. Alcohol can leave the body dehydrated which can cause upset stomachs and unwelcome headaches.

Hydrate Chugging liquids is a vital part of the battle against bloat, but you shouldn’t just stick with water. Teas can be a fantastic method to beat the bloat. A trio of teas, green tea in the morning, mint tea after meals, and chamomile tea at night will make an instant improvement to your bloat.

  • For strong headaches, two aspirin or ibuprofen can help lessen the intensity of pain. Be sure to keep drinking water to avoid dehydration and eat little and often to keep up blood sugar levels.
  • Eating burnt toast the morning after can help ease the effects of sick stomachs.The carbon from the burnt toast helps the body filter out impurities in the body.

burnt toast

  • Try chewing small pieces of ginger to get relief from hangovers. Alternately, boil 10-12 pieces of fresh ginger root in about four cups of water and add the juice of one orange, half lemon and half cup of honey. This will provide quick relief from hangover by stabilising blood glucose levels.
  • Certain foods are great for breaking down the effects of alcohol in the system. For quick boosts try adding these top three food groups into your recovery diet:
  1. Eggs break down toxins in your body and are also high in Vitamin B which is said to reduce hangover symptoms.
  2. Alcohol is dehydrating which can lead to low levels of potassium but never worry, this is easily fixed with a banana.
  3. Asparagus apparently boosts the enzymes that break down alcohol. It works better before the symptoms set in so make sure your midnight feast includes plenty!


  • Try avoid excessive exercise. This will upset the tummy and can lead to further dehydration. Instead opt for a short walk to get fresh air but be careful not to over-exert yourself.
  • Sleep is one of the most essential treatments for a hangover. Make sure to get an early night the day after, providing proper restoration for your brain due to the rebound of glutamine in your body.


Remember, most hangovers only last a short space of time, but if you are concerned with symptoms, contact a local doctor or pharmacist for further treatment.