Here’s How To Have Your Strongest Orgasm Ever 7 years ago

Here’s How To Have Your Strongest Orgasm Ever

Looking to make more of an impact in-between the sheets?

If you’re having a bedroom throwdown that doesn’t seem to be setting the world on fire, then this tip to strengthen your orgasm could be just the naughty game-changer you need.


According to a recent study from the Journal of Sex Research, good things come to those who wait…

Working up to the strongest orgasm is all about the power of patience, and knowing when to hold back.

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The research found that when you bring yourself close to climax and then stop, you build up a stronger, more intense orgasm.


So when should you switch things up between a throwdown and taking a breather?

The sexperts suggest you let yourself build to 90 per cent of the way there and then pause, slow down, and build yourself back up.

Then it’s simply a game of repetition, until you can’t take it anymore.

In fairness there’s no losers in that round though…