Here’s why it might be time to banish the sockless trend… immediately 5 years ago

Here’s why it might be time to banish the sockless trend… immediately

If you hate feet… well you’re probably going to hate this article. Nonetheless it’s something we all need to know.

So, we’re all aware of how that bare ankle look is just SO en vogue right now. But, we feel the need to kill that trend ASAP - with the help of some podiatrists in the UK.


According to BBC newsbeat, the College of Podiatry has seen a constant increase in the amount of fungal infections because of this sockless trend - especially in young men.

Podiatrist Emma Stephenson says people in her line of work are seeing more 18 to 25-year-old men with problems associated with wearing no socks after simply popping on their often ill-fitted shoes, leaving their feet in a very humid environment for the day.

“The average feet sweat about half a pint a day.

“Too much moisture and warmth can lead to fungal infection such as athlete’s foot.

“One of the worst incidents I’ve seen is a 19-year-old man who worked in a car wash. He had very sweaty feet and trench foot.”


Gigi is a fan too.

Trench foot is a medical condition caused by the prolonged exposure to damp, wet and cold environments. It can cause feet to become numb, change colour or swell. (Yes, we too are squirming… hang in there everyone!)

So, is it time to banish this trend from the fashion world forever or are there things we can do to help?


Of course, as long as we don’t go sockless too often our feet should be just fine. If you do find you have perspiring feet, you can wash your feet daily (and actually wash, not just let the water drizzle on them while in the shower), avoid tights shoes, make sure to dry in between and around your toes and change around your foot wear to give your feet a break from the same ol’ pair.