Here's one quick and simple trick to keep cool in this heat 6 years ago

Here's one quick and simple trick to keep cool in this heat

As you - and your sweat glands - will already be aware, Ireland is having a little heat-wave at the moment.

Temperatures are expected to reach a high of 26 degrees around the country today and continue until tomorrow.


While the good weather is a blessing, it can at times also be a curse, hampering our ability to actually do anything outside of the house that requires physical activity.


Same goes for working in the office without air con. It becomes downright impossible to think or have basic human interactions that don’t start and end with the sentence ‘Jaysus, I’m melting’.

Trying to fall asleep in this muggy weather seems like an impossible task of endless leg and arm combinations over the duvet.


If you identify with overheating, profusely sweating, and a big red face, then this easy and fast cool down tip is guaranteed to do the trick.


Firstly, not many people know this, but the human body has certain pulse points that can be targeted to help us cool down on stuffy summer days.

Pulse points areas are where you can actually feel your pulse beating on the surface of your skin, like the neck and wrists.


By running cold water on the inside of wrists for 30 seconds or more you can help regulate your body's temperature and keep cool. Making a V-shape with both wrists pressed together under running water is a scientifically sure fire way to keep the heat at bay.

If you're stuck at your desk or out and about, a cold bottle of water pressed against your wrists will also do the job just fine.

In case you don’t have access to running water, you can also lick your wrists and blow on them to feel a little cooler.

At the end of the day though, hydration is key, so keep filling up those water bottles and avoid direct exposure to the sun where possible.