Here’s Why You Need To Leave Work On Time Tonight 7 years ago

Here’s Why You Need To Leave Work On Time Tonight

If you constantly find yourself staying after hours working at your desk, it’s time to shut down that computer and walk away.

While you might think working (unpaid) overtime is a necessary evil, the latest study is proving that those extra hours are clocking up more than your frustration.


The latest study from The Lancet Medical Journal has revealed that working 55 hours of more per week can increase your likelihood of suffering a stroke by around 33%.

stress work

Analysing data from more than 24 studies conducted over Europe, Australia and the US, researchers concluded that the extra hours led to a combination of added stress, less exercise and fewer hours of quality sleep.

As well as a heightened risk of coronary heart disease, those caught burning the candle at both ends are more likely to suffer from exhaustion and stress.


Instead, the study’s authors note the importance of shutting down the computer and using the extra time to go for a long walk or jog.

Remember that if you don’t mind yourself now, your irritations and exhaustion can start to build… which might lead to unwanted sick days in your busy working professional schedule.

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