A common gym routine could be detrimental your sex life 6 years ago

A common gym routine could be detrimental your sex life

We all know the benefits of spending some time down the gym.

Clearing your head, improving your heart health and even the little confidence boost at noticing small changes can go a long way in giving you an overall boost.


But if you’re a fan of spin class, or happen to pump out some hours on the bike á la Bridget Jones, it might be time to peel yourself off those handle bars and move along.

While you might be toning up your bum and legs, you could also be causing some numbness in your vagina – desensitising yourself for your second form of exercise.


Alyssa Dweck, M.D., coauthor of V is for Vagina has revealed she’s treating more patients for a numbness of their vagina – especially in women who cycle a lot or frequently take indoor spin classes.


So how can you prevent yourself losing all feeling down south?

Dweck suggests investing in a thick, padded seat to leave on your saddle to put some extra cushion between you and your bike.

One more essential to throw into the gym bag.