Having a lie in on the weekend could actually save your life 3 years ago

Having a lie in on the weekend could actually save your life

Sleep is great.

It's relaxing, it's comfortable, it lets you forget about all of the shit you have to deal with during the day giving the illusion that everything is chill and grand and totally OK.


It's great.

A sleep where you can lie in for a bit is, as we all know, even better.

There is legit no better feeling than waking up at a certain time and knowing that you don't have to get up for a few more hours.

Or, even better, at all.

Ideal scenario.

And as it turns out, having a lie in isn't jus relaxing and great and really comfortable - it could actually save your life.


recent study in Sweden showed that catching up on much needed sleep on the weekend - or whatever days your not working - can massively reduce the negative effects of sleep deprivation during the week.

Researchers considered the sleeping habits of 43,880 participants over the course of 13 years.

They discovered that those who had less than five hours sleep at the weekends had a 52 per cent higher mortality rate than those who slept for up to seven hours.


As well as this, people who slept less during the week and then caught up on sleep on their days off had the same mortality rate as those who got about seven hours sleep every night.


That being said, the study also found that those who slept for more than eight hours every night actually had a higher mortality rate.

Better make sure we're hitting that sweet six or seven hours, then.