Linnea Dunne: "I had pelvic organ prolapse, which is very common but not spoken about" 1 year ago

Linnea Dunne: "I had pelvic organ prolapse, which is very common but not spoken about"

Linnea Dunne is the founder and host of the Bits of Me podcast, a series focused on women's health.

Incontinence, endometriosis, disordered eating, and pelvic organ prolapse, these are just some of the topics discussed on the Bits of Me podcast, a show about women's bodies and the stories behind them. Linnea Dunne, a Dublin based writer and editor, is the founder and host of the podcast. We were thrilled to invite Linnea to join us on the latest episode of Girls With Goals to discuss the importance of breaking down the stigma attached to women's health issues.


Linnea shared her own story and diagnosis of pelvic organ prolapse with us, as well as talking about why she decided to create  the series in the first place, and what we can expect from series two.

Listen in to the full episode below or keep reading for more:


While discussing healthcare for women, Linnea told us how a sudden medical condition changed her entire outlook: "I myself had an experience where years after giving birth, I suddenly had very intense significant symptoms and it turned out I had pelvic organ prolapse. I realised it was a very common condition but it's not really talked about a lot as something that impacts younger mothers, but something that impacts women after menopause, which is not true but that's when symptoms get worse."

Linnea explained that after her diagnosis, there was very little information provided; "I went to the GP and then I was pretty much sent off with nothing, no plan, no nothing. I felt shame because it happened to me, I felt lonely because nobody has told me it's happening to them and I felt angry that it was a risk that's so big but nobody has spoken to me about it."

Being a writer, Linnea felt the best way to cope with her own situation and highlight what other women are going through was to start the podcast, "I immediately felt like I needed to do something about it, as a writer I started writing about it first. I really felt that I wanted to have these conversations now rather than later."


Season two of the Bits of Me podcast is coming soon, and you can check out their Instagram here for further information and to catch up with all the stories from season one.