Love Island's Rebecca appeared to have her contraceptive patch on last night and fair play to her 1 month ago

Love Island's Rebecca appeared to have her contraceptive patch on last night and fair play to her

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The gals that patch together, stay together.

They also prevent themselves from becoming pregnant 99% of the time, so fair play to them.

During last night's Love Island, new girl Rebecca made a splash in the villa as she arrived dressed like a Greek goddess, went on a couple of dates, and essentially shook all the women to their core.

As she had mentioned previously approximately 87 times before entering the villa, she was there to "steal your man" - which usually means that she's not going to steal anybody's man at all.

But in this case? Yeah she might just be right, actually.

Anyway, despite the girls being totally intimidated by Rebecca, they were still pretty nice to her, welcoming to her, and fully determined to have a conversation with her regarding her attempting to steal their men.

It was during one of these many conversations that viewers noticed that Rebecca appeared to be wearing her contraceptive patch on her upper thigh.

This was a fairly notable occurrence because while the Love Island lads are pretty open about availing of condoms whenever they head off to the hideaway (or just the general bedroom, depending on what series you're watching), it's rare for the female contestants to discuss their own choice of contraception.

And yet here was Rebecca, just chilling on the bed, leg out, and contraceptive patch proudly displayed on it. Fair play to her.

The shot opened up a bit of discussion around the patch online, which many people commending Rebecca for leaving it on while on TV, fully representing all the women among us who are choosing to take their sexual health into their own hands.

And yeah, OK, there is a slight chance that Rebecca wasn't wearing the contraceptive patch at all.

She could have been wearing a nicotine patch, had a birth mark, or simply had a bit of lighter skin present on her thigh.

There is genuinely no way of knowing until she leaves the villa and somebody just flat out asks her about it.

But sure look, either way.