Love Sunbathing? Eat These Foods For a Perfect Tan 7 years ago

Love Sunbathing? Eat These Foods For a Perfect Tan

We all know the importance of slathering on the sunscreen before hitting the sun lounger...

But did you know that there are certain foods that will help to protect your skin on your quest for a golden glow?


heart on the stomach
The right combination of sunscreen and nutrition will aid your tanning process. 

Nutritionist to the stars, Madeleine Shaw, has revealed her top dietary tips for sun-lovers, helping us all to eat our way to the perfect tan.

Speaking to Grazia, the nutritionist explained: "Many fabulous foods contain nutrients that can also help to boost our skin’s antioxidant levels and protect us against sun damage!"

The first food on her list was a welcome surprise.


She told the publication: "Raw cacao contains a good dose of antioxidants that protect our skin from sunburn - so it’s obviously essential to have some raw chocolate brownies!"

Fresh Homemade Chocolate Brownie
Raw cacao contains powerful antioxidants to protect against sun damage. 

She also advised that green leafy vegetables which are rich in carotenoids and will help to activate melanin in the skin. This allows for more succesful and safer tanning.

Other foods containing these carotenoids are "apricots, papaya, mango, carrots, sweet potatoes and beetroot."


Madeleine added: "Don't forget Omega 3, either - foods like oily fish and chia seeds can help reduce inflammation and protect your skin from sunburn and melanoma."

green healthy food
Green leafy vegetables stimulate the production of melanin.

Any tanning queen knows that once you've achieved a gorgeous glow in a healthy safe way, maintenance is key.

Madeleine, who is Millie Mackintosh's nutritionist advised: "Vitamin C rich foods such as red peppers, cherries, kiwis, berries and citrus food are perfect summer foods and have lots of added goodness. They will stop you from burning and peeling so much. Coconut oil topically on the skin is the best way to maintain the tan."


H/T Grazia