What is makeup-induced acne? Plus 5 simple ways to tackle it 3 years ago

What is makeup-induced acne? Plus 5 simple ways to tackle it

Makeup-induced acne is very real.

In fact, one Brazilian study found recently that near half - 45 percent - of women who use makeup had outbreaks related to the products there were wearing.


And 14 percent had acne cosmetica - the medical term for the more serious and severe lesions that can furthermore crop up.


That's scary news for those of us who hate being without a layer of slap.

Also, it's likely that many of us started using powders, creams, or concealers from our pre-teen or early teenage years onwards - which means even by our mid-20s our skin has potentially had years of abuse.

Let's be thankful then for these five tips and tricks on how best to tackle the issue:

1) Look at the ingredients


A load of makeup is packed full of harmful chemicals. For some people - these chemicals don't seem to do too much harm. For others, however, the result is spots. LOTS of spots. So get choosy about the brands you're using. That doesn't means expensive brands necessarily; but check what's included and swap around until you find the one that works for you.

2) Stop sharing

You're stuck on a night out - your first port of call, of course, is your mate's makeup bag. But be cautious! Sharing makeup - including brushes - is a sure-fire way to a nasty breakout. That's not all; eye infections, cold sores, infections, and even herpes (yes) are possible outcomes of shared makeup.

3) Starting cleaning

That means cleaning your brushes every single week. Throw out mascaras after three months; liners after six; eye shadows last two years; foundation and concealer are good for a year; blush and bronzer are OK for two years, and lip glosses and lipsticks have a year's limit. Even with diligent cleaning, you should be replacing your brushes every three or fours years. Sponges, replace them as often as possible - certainly every couple of months - even if you are cleaning them weekly.


4) Give yourself a break

Embrace any opportunity you have to go makeup free - especially on holidays or at the gym when you know you'll only be sweating it all off. Letting your skin breathe can do a world of good.

5) Take it off (properly)


Finally, make sure to always properly take off your makeup before going to bed. Get into a good cleansing, toning, and moisturising routine so it's second-nature. Every skin type has a product/products that will work wonders - so do your research and ask for samples online or at cosmetics counters to discover your ultimate can't-live-without brand.