Max Benjamin has created a scented hand sanitiser and is donating €1 from every bottle 6 months ago

Max Benjamin has created a scented hand sanitiser and is donating €1 from every bottle

No more alcohol-scented hands.

Hand sanitisers, along with gloves and masks, have sky-rocketed in sales this year, and for good reason.


With everyone being at home and with the initial buying panic past, it's been a bit easier to get our hands on them now. However, with restrictions easing, we're expecting the demand for them to go up again as people start spending more time in public.

Luckily, one of our favourite scented candle makers, Max Benjamin, is launching its own True Lavender Hand Sanitiser Spray. Brand and Creative Director Mark Van den Bergh and the Max Benjamin in-house chemist worked directly with a local distillery in Powerscourt, Co. Wicklow, to create this distinctive multi-purpose formulation that can be sprayed evenly on your hands or on high-touch surfaces.

With 74 percent alcohol, it kills 99.9 percent of all virus and bacteria and is produced to the highest standards as stipulated by the WHO guidelines and is approved by the Department of Agriculture. And it also looks stunning too, which is key.

Max Benjamin is all about creating sustainable products where possible so they are also coming out with a 500ml refill bottle to encourage customers to reuse and refill their spray bottle and help them reduce waste.

The lavender hand sanitiser spray is currently available for preorder and will be on sale this Monday, May 18, and you can buy it online on the Max Benjamin website. The 100ml spray bottle is €7.95, while the 500ml refill bottle is €24.95. What's even better, though, is for every bottle you buy, €1 will go to Dublin Simon Community.

In an effort to support our community, Max Benjamin has partnered with Dublin Simon Community and will be donating 1000 bottles of hand santisers as well as €1 from every bottle of sanitiser sold in the month of May. So you get to stay safe and do some good - it's a win-win all round.


We're in love with the little bottles and, sure, we know by now that it never hurts to have a bit of extra hand sanitiser around, especially if it makes you smell good. So we shall definitely be picking up a few bottles.