Medical experts have given advice on the best way to defecate 5 years ago

Medical experts have given advice on the best way to defecate

Apparently, you've been doing it all wrong.

While this isn't a particularly nice subject to write about, it's still interesting to know things about the ins and outs of our bodies.


They're magical things that make strange noises sometimes that we will never understand, but we do our best trying to know

According to The Localthe sound many people may make while going to the bathroom may not be helping them in their efforts to... Go to the toilet.

woman is sitting on the toilet. urinary bladder

Medical experts in Denmark conducted a study to establish how many people made sounds as they defecated and to see if it actually had any effect on the person's body or... poo release.

Reportedly, 1 in 3 people grunt while they're on the toilet to get the deed done but when it comes to science, no one benefits from making noises while they defecate.

A senior consultant at Aarhus University Hospital, Jan Fallingborg said that grunting actually hinders the process rather than aids it.

"Basically it is all about pressure and that pressure decreases when we let air and noises out of our mouth. Therefore the release of forced sounds should have the opposite effect."


When asked why people make sounds as they try to do their business, Jan explained that it may be all in the mind for some people.

"It could be that grunting may give a sense of psychological satisfaction."