Met Eireann is warning of HIGH pollen levels for the week, and please no 4 years ago

Met Eireann is warning of HIGH pollen levels for the week, and please no

Plz help!

At this very moment, I am current nursing a leaking nose and red, puffy eyes.


Ah, it must be summer.

If you have hay fever, this is a bittersweet time of year.

All you want to do is be outside, breathing in the warm summer air... but that air might fucking kill you tbh.

Anyway, if you are a hay fever sufferer, I have some bad news.


The pollen count for the week is set to be very high, and I am tres concerned.

According to the Met Eireann forecast, the pollen levels are at a 'high' level across the country for the week.

The forecast reads:

"A high to very high grass pollen risk can be expected through the early part of the week. Grass, weed and fungal spores are the allergens currently airborne."


pollen count

"Fungal spores such as Cladosporium and Alternaria will be at high levels while warm, humid nights will allow for spores that trigger asthma to be airborne."

That's it, I am staying indoors.

The forecast continues:


"The tree pollen risk is currently low. Lime tree pollen will be airborne later in June."

"Most grasses are now in flower and emitting plenty of pollen on warm, dry days. The risk will be high to very high when temperatures are in the high teens or above."

"Nettle, dock and plantain will be airborne in significant amounts, with a high risk on warm, dry sunny days."

"There is a risk of high spores ahead of thunderstorms and during warm, humid conditions. Specifically, sporobolomyces, didymella and tilletiopsis, which can all cause asthma. Cladosporium will be high on warm, dry and sunny days with some Alternaria too."

Send help.