All you need to know about making the switch to more eco-friendly period products 3 months ago

All you need to know about making the switch to more eco-friendly period products

Stay protected and be kinder to the planet, it's a win-win.

Did you know that a disposable tampon takes longer to decompose into the earth than the lifespan of the woman wearing it? Bet you didn't.


Oh, and that an average woman would go through around 11,000 tampons in her life? Most of those tampons are plastic and are non-biodegradable.

They contribute to over 200,000 tonnes of landfill waste per year.

The numbers are scary but if we change to better, more sustainable and useable products, we can lower the harm.

Many people are afraid of alternatives because they don't know what products are on the market - I've been there.


But remember, there are really easy to use and affordable eco-friendly period products available that make switching from your usual disposable pads and tampons, much easier and way less scary.

Let's get into some.

1. Ditch the pads and pick up some period pants.

Period knickers have grown in popularity over the last few years and we can see why. They're super-absorbent, odour-eliminating and have a moisture-wicking gusset which means you can breathe freely in them for up to 12 hours.


They're washable which obviously makes them a sustainable period product and are readily available nationwide. A number of brands have period knickers that vary from high-wasted pull-ups to thongs and bikini period briefs.

Not only do they come in different styles, they come to manage each woman's different flow. I've heard good things about the Marks & Spencer period pants.




2. Try a menstrual cup.

This greener period product is one of the best in my opinion. It's discrete, easy to insert, easy to clean and very affordable.


A menstrual cup is a funnel-shaped cup with a stem that's typically made from rubber or silicone. It's flexible enough to be bent and inserted into the vagina pain-free.

Depending on your flow, it can be worn for up to 12 hours and can be cleaned and sanitised using just boiling hot water. It's a super option for overnight protection.

This sustainable period product is one of the most effective on the market and is especially worth a try if you're used to wearing tampons.

You can pick these babies up in Boots and in most pharmacies nationwide.


3. Sanitary towels but reusable.

If you're having trouble wrapping your head around the above, give these reusable period pads a go.

These have revolutionised the world of sustainable period products. But really, they've just tweaked the bog-standard disposable pads ever so slightly and made them reusable.

These eco-pads are usually made from bamboo or organic cotton and work in the exact same way.

You'll most likely need to change them every 4-8 hours depending on how heavy your flow is. Again, these are easily washed, just rinse with cold water and pop them into the washing machine.

You can pick these up online including on Reuzi, a sustainable Irish store. And look, they're fab!


4. Goodbye plastic, hello organic cotton pads and tampons.

Using organic cotton period products basically cuts out the use of single-use plastic which is obviously ideal and exactly what we want.

You want ones that are 100% cotton, are bio-degradable and have no nasty chemicals in them.

Just like the typical sanitary towel or tampon, they absorb perfectly, and eliminate odours but are safer and kinder to our planet.

What's even better is that these are so accessible right now. Brands all over the world are making eco-friendly and 100% bio-degradable period products which makes it easier for us as consumers to make the switch.

Irish brand Riley have taken it one step further and introduced a subscription service for customers providing them with an easy way to purchase sustainable period pads and tampons. What more could we want, they get delivered straight to the door.



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