Woman shares heartbreaking moment she gave birth to her stillborn baby boy 3 years ago

Woman shares heartbreaking moment she gave birth to her stillborn baby boy

A woman has shared the heartbreaking moment she gave birth to her stillborn baby boy.

Kristy Watson was 32 weeks pregnant when she went into labour.


Having been diagnosed with pre-eclampsia, the single-mother was experiencing kidney failure, high blood pressure, painful headaches, and blurred vision.

However, Kristy described her pregnancy as a "miracle" due to the three miscarriages she had experienced before.

Earlier this year, she felt her son move for the last time. The next day, she had an induced labour and delivered her "sleeping baby."

Kristy said that she doesn't want to blame anybody for what happened, but that she wishes more could have been done to find out that her son was slowly dying.


Writing on Facebook, she said:

"If only they had done a ultrasound that day to see that my placenta was failing, if only they had done my bloods to see how toxic my bloods really were at that stage.

"It may not had changed the outcome of what happen but the thing is I will never ever know. I don’t want to play the blame game but to be so neglected and feel like I wasn’t listened to by people who I put in the hands of the life I was creating and to be let down as much as I was is not something I would wish on my worst enemy.

"I want to raise awareness so no mother, no family ever has to go through the pain, heartbreak and loss I’ve had to go through."


The mother said that she felt she hadn't been listened to in the hospital or taken seriously when she said that she knew something was wrong.

"I had to watch my family be so heartbroken over the loss of their nephew, grandson and cousin and myself because no one cared enough to help when I needed it," she said.

"I want people to know my story so they know when their gut is telling them that something is not right to fight for answers, to travel back and forth until they know what is going on, to make sure they are listened too because I now have to go home to a nursery full of everything I needed to raise my little boy, to a empty cot that my son never got to lay in, to books I never got to read him, to his favourite outfit I never got to dress him in all because I was not heard.

"I now go home empty handed with a heart so broken that it’s going to take a long time to heal."


Kristy urged women to listen to their bodies and to listen to others when they feel like something isn't quite right.

"We have to look after ourselves just as much and I couldn’t imagine any other mother having to feel like they failed their child like I’ve had too," she said.

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