Apparently, we DON'T need 8 hours sleep... and we definitely disagree 2 years ago

Apparently, we DON'T need 8 hours sleep... and we definitely disagree

Ehhh... no. Absolutely not. Not a hope.

An expert has claimed that we don't need eight hours of sleep per night, and frankly, we think he's mad.


It's fairly rare that we'll sleep a total of eight hours, but it feels like when we only get five, six or even seven hours, we're fairly wrecked the next day.

A sleep expert, Dr Stanley, told The Independent that eight hours sleep is "not an ideal."

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He said: “Sleep need is like height, we are all different and how much we need is to a large degree, genetically determined.


“The amount of sleep you need is the amount that allows you to be awake, alert and focused during the day.  If you are feeling sleepy during the day then there is most likely an issue with the quality of sleep that you’ve had during the night," he explained.

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“If you have a bad night's’ sleep one night in the week, you can usually make up for this the following night. However, if you don’t get a lot of rest consistently during the week, this cannot be ‘made up’ by sleeping in at the weekend.

“Having a lie-in is better than nothing if you are sleep-deprived but you will never get back all the hours that you lost.”


Fair enough, it makes complete sense, to be fair.  However, we're still going to savour an eight hour sleep whenever we can get it.