This new yoga craze is finally coming to Dublin 1 year ago

This new yoga craze is finally coming to Dublin

Calling all #fitfam!

A yoga trend which is taking the UK by storm has finally landed on Irish soil.

Not your stereotypical type of yoga, Hotpod Yoga involves literally doing yoga inside a hot inflatable pod. This inflatable studio will be heated to 37 degrees and contain all our favourite yoga necessities like dim lighting, scented incense and relaxed tunes to help you levitate off to another world.

With 30 franchises globally, Hotpod Yoga classes will be available in Dublin this September taking place on 9 Hanover Street East, Dublin 2.

And their arrival is already gaining hype with The Fat Fox cafe and Lululemon both showing their excitement on social media.

These cocoon like pods can fit 20 people each and booking in advance is mandatory to secure your place. A top tip is to not forget your water and towel as things will get super sweaty.

You can book your classes now online here.

Photographer Credit : Ed Reeve