So what's the story with meal prep... and can it work for normal people?! 2 years ago

So what's the story with meal prep... and can it work for normal people?!

Meal preparation is seriously in vogue right now. And it's no surprise - it makes us slim, healthy, happy, AND it frees up a load of time. Woo hoo!

Except it's unlikely to be as straightforward as all that.

Indeed, all you have to do is type 'meal prep' into Google and you're instantly inundated with terrifying images of uniform plastic containers and impossibly green broccoli. That and over on Insta the hashtag #mealprep has more than 4.6m entries.

Truth is we all lead busy lives and and meal prep can help combat those evenings when our fingers are inexplicably dialling the local pizza place.

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Problem is... it's all a bit daunting. The fit brigade have taken over turning meal prep into a pretty terrifyingly elite ordeal and sometimes we'd just prefer to pack it in and go to Nando's (don't judge us!).

Well, have no fear! We've come up with a few pointers to help ease you in (and you don't have to drink any chicken, we promise).


1) Don't try too much too fast - If you're new to prep ease yourself in by making a couple of meals a week, see how the process fits in with your lifestyle before making 21 meals

2) Don't go completely Nigella with mad new recipes - the key to prep is simplicity. Stick to what you know is healthy at first and as time goes on and you get more comfortable explore new recipes

3) Choose a meal that would make the biggest impact to your week - Prepping three meals a day for a full week is a hard task for anyone, so if you struggle to have a healthy breakfast, or are pretty knackered come dinner time focus on that one meal you struggle with, it'll make a huge difference

4) Invest in a slow cooker, or a crock pot - This has changed our lives. Chicken, Beef a bit of veg, throw it all in .... leave it to stew and BOOM, at least two days worth of lunch and dinner, the internet is full of incredible recipes for these little god-sends. They tend to vary in price but Argos has some great deals, ranging from just €12 (WHAT)

5) Containers - This is actually pretty important, and sometimes overlooked. You should invest in around five lunchbox containers. They'll provide some good inspiration to get prepping. It's all about the Tupperware... get involved

6) Don't take it too seriously - honestly it's meal prep, if you mess up so what, start again next week. That's what Mondays are for