People who vape and smoke together double risk of stroke, says study 1 month ago

People who vape and smoke together double risk of stroke, says study

Bad news, vapers.

People who vape and smoke cigarettes together are twice as likely to suffer a stroke, a new study has shown.

Research conducted by the George Mason University in Virginia showed that those who use cigarettes as well as e-cigarettes regularly considerably increase their risk of developing smoking related illnesses.

Over 160,000 responses from an annual health study in the US were analysed as part of the study.

Researchers made note of “adjusted odds ratios [AORs]" for cerebrovascular diseases and illnesses such as strokes. The AOR for smokers was 1.59, whereas the AOR for smokers of both cigarettes and e-cigarettes was 2.91.

“It's long been known that smoking cigarettes is among the most significant risk factors for stroke,” said study lead, Dr Tarang Parekh.

"Our study shows that young smokers who also use e-cigarettes put themselves at an even greater risk.This is an important message for young smokers who perceive e-cigarettes as less harmful and consider them a safer alternative.

"We have begun understanding the health impact of e-cigarettes and concomitant cigarette smoking, and it's not good."

This comes after a Belfast study showed that vaping has the same effect on lung bacteria as smoking does.

The study showed that there is "little difference" between the negative effects cigarette smoke and vape vapour have on bacteria present in the lungs.

Both vapes and cigarettes were found to lead to changes in the bacteria that can cause harm. These include conditions such as bronchitis, asthma, and emphysema.

There is no data available yet to show the long term effects of vaping on the lungs.