A pink tampon disposal glove has been created - by three men... 1 year ago

A pink tampon disposal glove has been created - by three men...

Just what this world needs.

Us women, we don't know how to do anything.


Explain the off-side rule? Haven't a clue. Jumpstart a car? But I'm just a girl. Appropriately remove a tampon from our bodies, wrap it in tissue, and dispose of it in the bin? Never heard of her.

If you've got a vagina, chances are you've used a pad or tampon at some point in your life. Half the world will menstruate at some stage, and whether we're using cups, buying tampons, or used to pads, menstrual products are a familiar game. We know how they work, we understand the suss.

And yet, it seems as if we don't, because three lads have only gone and created a tampon disposal glove, perfect for protecting our dainty little fingers, keeping them entirely blood free, and ensuring those pesky, unsightly products are out of view forever - because god forbid someone should ever have to see them.


The new creation in question is called a Pinky Glove, and it was invented by three German guys who were inevitably sick of spying used menstrual products in their bathroom bins. And yes, it is of course pink.

According to the guys, they came up with the idea after consulting their female housemates about the, ahem, struggles of removing and disposing of tampons in a manner that's discreet and sanitary.

But the issue is that women have been removing tampons and pads discreetly and in a sanitary way for years - by wrapping them up, binning them, and washing our hands after.


The Pinky Glove was shared on Twitter by its inventors, but also by the website's "resident gynaecologist" Dr Jen Gunter, who naturally, tore into it.

"So these dudes designed pink gloves so tampons and pads can be disposed of properly and discretely. I shit you not," she said.

Dr Gunter's since went global, attracting the unwavering attention of many other women who were just as disappointed by a product that was equal parts patronising and did not even need to be made. 


Thankfully, the Pinky boys have since apologised for their creation, stating that they are "absolutely in favour" of tackling the taboo around periods.

“We have not dealt adequately and properly with the subject. That was a big mistake,” they said on Instagram.

“The good thing about the current situation is that the period and its political aspects are getting a lot of attention and the important social discourse is now widespread."

They went on: “We realise that we still have a lot to learn and that we have some blind spots. We take your feedback very seriously and [will] rethink our product and reflect on the entire history of its creation.”

The guys also added that they have been subjected to much "hate speech" since launching their product, and urged users to keep their criticism constructive.