3 simple, natural ways to strengthen your immune system ahead of cold and flu season 2 weeks ago

3 simple, natural ways to strengthen your immune system ahead of cold and flu season

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Cold and flu season is here, so it might be worth taking some extra steps to strengthen your immune system...


With restrictions easing and life finally returning to normal, the last thing anyone wants is to be left feeling run down with a cold or flu.

As we return to offices, education and public transport, it's always wise to remember that colds and flus are still doing the rounds and we could all benefit from taking some extra precautions to protect ourselves against any viruses that are on the go.

With that in mind, here are some simple and natural ways you can help strengthen your immune system ahead of the winter months...

Up your exercise

Research has shown that regular, moderate exercise can make a big difference when it comes to your immune system. If you're not the most active person, you don't need to make any drastic changes just yet. Going for brisk walk on your lunch break or attending an exercise class once or twice a week could be enough to get your heart rate up, and get those all-important immune cells travelling around your body.

Don't overdo it though! Pushing yourself too hard or suddenly upping your exercise levels can actually put stress on the body, which won't do your immune system any favours. So, it's best to start with small, regular bursts of activity and gradually build on it overtime.


Take a herbal remedy

A herbal remedy can do wonders when it comes to easing flu symptoms and strengthening your immune system, so it's well worth finding one you like before the winter sets in.

Echinaforce is a natural herbal remedy that's perfect for fighting colds and flus. Taken at the onset of a cold and flu, it helps the body fight those annoying flu symptoms and it supports the immune system too.

So, how does it work? Echinaforce is a natural herbal remedy, made from freshly harvested echinacea. Some herbal remedies are made from dry herbs, but Echinaforce uses freshly harvested ones, as research has shown that freshly harvested herbs contain three times more active substances compared with what’s found in the equivalent amounts of dried herb.

Echinaforce is available as a tincture (drops), in tablet form or as a handy on-the-go throat spray, so it couldn't be more convenient for easing those pesky flu symptoms over the coming months.


Reduce your stress

Stress has been proven to have a negative effect on your body's immune system and its ability to fight infection. Stress can decrease the body’s lymphocytes (the white blood cells that help fight off infection) and the lower your lymphocyte levels are, the more prone you are to viruses like colds and flus.

So, what can you do to counteract stress? Activities like yoga and meditation are always popular choices, but it's really just a case of making more time for the things you enjoy. Hobbies, exercise or spending time with friends and families are all great ways to distract yourself from the stresses in life, so make more time for those activities if you can.


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Brought to you by Echinaforce