Rage Yoga is now a thing and it's completely bada** 3 years ago

Rage Yoga is now a thing and it's completely bada**

This is a type of yoga we could get on board with.

We truly love practising yoga, it clears our mind and keeps us zen in a hectic world. The problem I sometimes have is I frequently get a fit of the giggles in the middle of class. Sometimes the serene nature of a yoga studio just doesn't sit well with me.


Well, there's a new form of yoga that originated in Canada and it's making waves in the fitness community. 'Rage Yoga' was created by Lindsay Marie Istace and it's for people who love yoga but also like innuendo's, the occasional swear word, and a good drink. It also promises to better your strength and flexibility.




We love the concept behind the idea and on the website, Lindsay explains what made her create Rage Yoga,

"Before I found my practice I was a stress case all the time! My mind was constantly running a mile a minute and I couldn't slow down. I had zero confidence, rage issues and, on top of it all, the muscle mass of a kitchen sponge. My practice gave me a strong body-mind connection and a new appreciation for my body. I learned how to slow my mind, feel good in my body and built some decent pipes while I was at it. It helped me overcome addiction and weather a lot of personal obstacles. It kept me healthy and sane!".

Rage Yoga promises to keep you  "centred, confident and giving zero f**ks".

Yoga and swearing... we're all over it.