Ready to quit smoking? We want to help YOU ditch the cigarettes for good 1 year ago

Ready to quit smoking? We want to help YOU ditch the cigarettes for good

Brought to you by Lloyds Pharmacy 

Ready to give up smoking? Here's how we can help...


Anyone who's tried to quit smoking in the past knows just how difficult it can be but, with the right supports, giving up for good is very achievable.

And if you want to make 2022 the year you finally quit, we've got something that might help...

We've teamed up with Lloyds Pharmacy to help YOU ditch the cigarettes for good.

Lloyds Pharmacy want to recruit Her readers who are ready to say goodbye to cigarettes, and support them throughout their quitting journey.


So, how does it work? If you're ready to quit smoking and want some free support from Lloyds Pharmacy to help you out, just enter your details in the form below.

Then, the chosen candidate will receive in-store and online support from Lloyds Pharmacy every step of the way, and we'll follow their progress here on Her to help anyone else who's trying to quit too.

The chosen candidate will be offered loads of different supports from Lloyds Pharmacy to help with the process, including online resources, expert advice from pharmacists and a huge range of Nicotine Replacement Therapy products.


Every Lloyds Pharmacy store has a confidential care room where a trained Pharmacist can speak with customers about the options available to them, and offer specialised advice for that individual. They can also guide you through the different Nicotine Replacement Therapy products available, including lozenges, gum, inhalers, sprays and patches.

If you want to quit smoking today, you can find your nearest Lloyds Pharmacy HERE.

And if you want to share your journey with us and get some support from Lloyds Pharmacy along the way, simply fill out the form below.


Call in to any of the 91 LloydsPharmacy stores across Ireland to get advice on the best ways to help you to Quit Smoking in 2022. LloydsPharmacy will work to find the best approach for each person and understand that giving up smoking is a process.

Terms & Conditions:

The selected participant must agree to committing to the Lloyds Pharmacy programme for a period of 4 weeks, along with answering interview style questions (via email or phone) so that can document their experience. They must also consent to their name being included in the piece.

The chosen participate will receive a €200 one for all voucher as a gratuity for their participation. The gratuity will be given after the 1 week and 4 week interview have been completed.

Brought to you by Lloyds Pharmacy