Saoírse Ruane's mum shares her daughter's anxiety over doctor visits 7 months ago

Saoírse Ruane's mum shares her daughter's anxiety over doctor visits

"This is life for us now."

Weeks after undergoing surgery, the mother of Toy Show star Saoírse Ruane has shared how her daughter feels anxious when attending medical appointments.


The 10-year-old was told her cancer had returned earlier this year, and she recently underwent surgery to remove a tumour. Afterwards, she was told that no further treatment would be required.

Now, her mother Roseanne has shared that her daughter has a lot of anxiety about GP visits.

Sharing a photo from earlier this week, Roseanne wrote: "A visit to our local GP which (as we knew) would end up in a trip to hospital. It doesn’t matter what commitments we had in the diary, what plans, play dates or errands we had to run, we drop everything & go!

"This is life for Saoírse now & what nobody else sees is the upset & worry it brings."


She continued: "Once Saoírse hears the word GP she flinches. She is automatically filled with terror & anxiety as she knows a visit to her GP will more times than none mean she’ll be sent to Galway for an X-ray."

The mum added that these visits are "precautionary", and that it was a GP visit that led to them finding Saoírse's tumour.


Roseanne explained that GP visits can lead to a CT scan which is a source of worry for both of them.

"One second everything could be fine but in that other second 'everything can change' right before our eyes," she wrote.

"We know from previous experience that a CT scan can lead to that conversation none of us want to have with a consultant."

She added that getting bad news is "like a bolt that shoots right through you", but unfortunately it's a reality for them now.


"This is life for us now," she wrote. "This is why we live with a permanent fear, an anxiety, stress, we spend hours & days worrying, sometimes sleep doesn’t come well & nobody can ever take any of this away. Thkfully all is OK & we’re home again."