So Here’s What Fast Food Looks Like After Six Years 6 years ago

So Here’s What Fast Food Looks Like After Six Years

We’ve heard every criticism and myth under the sun about fast food.

We know it’s not the healthiest option in the world, but generally, we condone the odd one as part of a balanced diet.


Dietician Jennifer Lovdahl, however, is hell bent on proving that fast food is really bad. She took to Facebook to share the below image, claiming to have purchased this Happy Meal in 2010.

In the six years that the food has been sitting in her office, now mould has grown and the food appears to have not decomposed.


It's been 6 years since I bought this "Happy Meal" at McDonald's. It's been sitting at our office this whole time and...

Posted by Jennifer Lovdahl on Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Lovdahl sees this as proof that the foods are filled with preservatives and unnatural ingredients.

Of course, McDonalds are no strangers to this claim and according to The Business Insider, they disputed the notion with the following statement:

In the right environment, our burgers, fries and other menu items could decompose. The reason our food may appear not to decompose comes down to a matter of simple science. In order for decomposition to occur, you need certain conditions – specifically moisture.


Without sufficient moisture – either in the food itself or the environment – bacteria and mold may not grow and therefore, decomposition is unlikely. So if food is or becomes dry enough, it is unlikely to grow mold or bacteria or decompose. Food prepared at home that is left to dehydrate could see similar results”.

We’ll let you make up your own mind on this one!