This form of exercise could shorten your lifespan, study finds 1 year ago

This form of exercise could shorten your lifespan, study finds

The kind of news we like to hear.

We've always felt a bit guilty for abandoning a planned work-out session to stay on the couch watching yet another re-run of Keeping Up With The Kardashians but a new study has taught us that maybe be shouldn't be so hard on ourselves after all.

According to the Daily Mail, The Cardiovascular Research Institute at the Lehigh Valley Health Network in Pennsylvania studied more than 3,800 runners and found that those who lived the longest were those who only did a 'moderate' amount of exercise or approximately two to three hours of running per week.

The study discovered that people who do a lot of running, and those who do none, both have shorter lifespans although could not pinpoint the reason for this.

The researchers took into account what medication the people were taking and also whether they had high blood pressure, high cholesterol or a history of smoking but a doctor who reviewed the research believes the findings could be caused by 'wear and tear' on the bodies of people who do a lot of running.

The key word here is 'moderate' - you can't get away with being a lazy bitch altogether, so it is worth moving at least a bit over the weekend.