The reason this woman isn’t proud of her #TransformationTuesday image is powerful 5 years ago

The reason this woman isn’t proud of her #TransformationTuesday image is powerful

Blogger Amanda has shared a powerful and honest post on Instagram to remind us all that skinnier is not always better.

Under an image of herself she writes:


“This is the most vulnerable, honest post I've written on my blog but also the most important. Sometimes thinner isn't better, sometimes "hot" doesn't mean happy, sometimes the dream body isn't worth killing yourself for.”

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Amanda goes on to open up about her struggles in a candid blog post.

“I used to get mad at myself for feeling hungry” Amanda confesses in a heartbreaking blog post.

“And if hunger was a sign of weakness, than giving in to that hunger meant I was a failure. These are legitimate thoughts that went through my mind whenever I was hungry. When my stomach growled or I found myself craving a cookie, I would genuinely get enraged at myself.”

The 24-year-old continues to talk about her eating disorder and how it impacted her as a woman.


“As women, we're constantly bombarded with messages telling us how to suppress our hunger, how to ignore cravings, how to drink a glass of ice water instead of eating a snack. So it's no surprise we associate hunger & eating with negative thoughts and self-hate,” she writes.

She then advises others to ignore society and instead focus on providing your body with what it craves.

“Because your body knows what it needs. When you have a craving, it's your body asking you to give it whatever it's craving. Your body is a lot smarter than you think. Most importantly, it's a lot smarter than your eating disorder is. Trust your body. Feed it” she writes.

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