There's a 'bloody brunch' happening in London to help end period poverty 2 years ago

There's a 'bloody brunch' happening in London to help end period poverty

Bloody class idea, in fairness.


Period poverty is a very real thing.

So is the tampon tax, avoidable embarrassment, and the hundreds of girls who miss school every year because of their periods.

Although a lot of us may take for granted our abilities to be able to afford menstrual products month-on-month, pads and tampons are expensive and not everybody has access to the luxury that really isn't that luxurious at all.

It's a necessity.

And while we've got a fair few initiatives over here in Ireland to help combat period poverty, one thing we don't have (yet) is a Bloody Big Brunch - and we should, because it sounds unreal.


Organised by a load of sound people who want to make sanitary products available for all women, the brunch will include lots of period-esque treats like Bloody Mary cocktails and red velvet pancakes stacked with tampon macaroons.

But you don't pay for the Bloody Marys with money, you pay with sanitary products.


This March 3, anyone who wants to host a Bloody Brunch will be hosting a Bloody Bruch as the group try to break down the stigma associated with periods and raise some much needed awareness of period poverty.


According to their website, the average person will spend approximately £4,800, or €5,620, on pads and tampons over the course of their lives.

However, those who can't afford these products often resort to using rags and tissue paper as replacements each month.

Big Bloody Brunch is urging people to see sanitary products as a necessity, and asking the UK government to take a leaf out of Scotland's book and provide free period products to all women in schools, colleges, and universities.


Should we something we should be looking into as well, tbh.

You can find out more about the Big Bloody Brunch over on their website here. 


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