There’s A Parasitic Worm That’s Causing Women To Get Pregnant 6 years ago

There’s A Parasitic Worm That’s Causing Women To Get Pregnant

Being infected with a roundworm could increase a woman’s fertility, according to new research.

While most people would rather not be infected with a worm, scientists believe a type of roundworm called the Ascaris lumbricoide could help increase a woman’s fertility.


The study was conducted by following 986 women in Bolivia, where the average woman gives birth to nine children.

The study also notes that around 70 per cent of the female population has a worm infection.

Published findings in the journal Science now indicate that the worm alters the immune system to make pregnancy more likely, and infection can actually lead to women having two more children than they otherwise would.

Researcher Professor Aaron Blackwell told the BBC that although he found the study an ‘intriguing possibility’, he believes a lot more research needs to be carried out to verify the findings.


Speaking to Metro UK, fertility expert Professor Allan Pacey said:

“‘Whilst I wouldn’t want to suggest that women try and become infected with roundworms as a way of increasing their fertility, further studies of the immunology of women who do have the parasite could ultimately lead to new and novel fertility enhancing drugs.”