This daily habit could be causing your skin to break out 6 years ago

This daily habit could be causing your skin to break out

Acne is unfortunately one of those life problems you really wish you could leave behind with puberty.

While some of your blemish blunders may be the result of too many burgers or an unfortunate week in the month, people might start noticing pimples, scratching and itchy skin after their showers.


Now one dermatologist wants us to recognise the importance of having some dirt and germs in our lives – insisting we don’t need soap for showers, or hand sanitizers in our bags.

Dr Robynne Chutkan has said it’s time to ditch the soap and shower gels for overall body use – with just the groin and armpits areas requiring daily soaping. Whether you’re just jumping into the shower for your morning wake-up call, or washing off the workout effect, you just need to rinse off your bacteria with warm water.

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While we might believe that our germs are likely to lead to infection and illness, repeatedly killing off good bacteria on our skin may break down our natural immunity and cause breakouts and skin irritation.


What other products are on Chutkan’s list to ditch?

Apparently those handbag hand sanitizers should be reserved for hospital ward use only. Not only are they killing pretty harmless germs, chances are you could be drying out your skin and stripping it of its natural oils. This can lead to eczema around the wrists and between fingers.

B-Be Careful Leaving Public Toilets You might be good at washing your hands, but who says the person in front of you was? The door is a bacteria hotspot, try and open using the lower part of the handle.

The one thing to make sure you remember is to keep washing your hands to off-set the onset of cold and flu season with all-natural soap and warm water for 20-30 seconds.


So you can leave the strong alcohol smelling rub back in your bathroom cabinet.