If you have this exercise habit, it could be stunting your metabolism 2 years ago

If you have this exercise habit, it could be stunting your metabolism

We all know the benefits of cardio include fat-burning and increasing heart health, but that slog on the treadmill might actually be curbing your weight loss efforts.

Lauren Slayton, author of The Little Book of Thin, revealed that despite our best efforts in the gym, we could be working against ourselves in revving up our metabolism.

Looking at the science behind the exercise, the number of calories you burn increases as you move from a resting level of metabolism to an exercising rate of metabolism. Aerobic exercise can boost your metabolism for hours or even days after each session.

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So where can your daily workout be going wrong?

Slayton points out that by keeping the same exercise steady in your workout, you may be building up a sweat, but you’re probably lacking in lean muscle, which means your metabolism will start to stall.

Slayton recommends adopting strength training exercises into your workout – which means hitting the weight section of your gym.


Not only will it help burn extra calories, you’ll start shaping up with toned arms and legs.

To avoid injury, check if your gym offers a free introductory session with a personal trainer since you may just need one hour of good instruction to get you started.

Oh, and despite your biggest fears - weights will not make you bulky. You can stop working on your Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonations now...